Which Battery Disconnect Switch Should Choose? : FR1044 vs. FR1046

Which Battery Disconnect Switch Should Choose? : FR1044 vs. FR1046

When it comes to protecting your fleet, battery disconnect switches are a handy tool. Flaming River offers two popular options in this category: the FR1044 Big Switch and the FR1046 Big Switch 500. In this article, we'll take a closer look at these two battery disconnect switches, highlighting their similarities and differences to help you make an informed decision on your heavy duty needs.

Before we get started, let’s look at the reason to use a battery disconnect switch in your fleet. Utilizing a battery disconnect switch serves several critical purposes, including safeguarding against battery depletion, reducing risk of electrical fires, and preventing theft. An essential aspect of this switch is its integrated bracket, equipped with a locking mechanism that permits it to be secured in the "off" position using a padlock. This locking feature not only enhances safety but also ensures compliance with the OSHA lock-out/tag-out regulation 1910.147.

Comparing the Two:

Flaming River Battery Disconnect Switch FR1044

Flaming River FR1044 is a reliable battery disconnect switch designed to disengage the battery when your vehicle is not in use.  Key features of the FR1044 include:

  1. Amperage Rating: The FR1044 features silver plated copper contact pads that allow the switch to conduct 250 continuous amps of current when in the “on” position.
  2. Sturdy Construction: The switch is built with durability in mind, featuring high-quality materials that can withstand the rigors of automotive use. In total this switch weighs 1.12 pounds.
  3. Terminal Length: The silver plated copper terminals that come with this switch provide 0.95 inches of terminal length.

Flaming River Battery Disconnect Switch FR1046

The FR1046 is another battery disconnect switch available from Flaming River. While it serves a similar purpose to the FR1044, it has its own unique characteristics:

  1. Amperage Rating: The FR1046 internally features silver contact pads. These silver pads allow this battery disconnect switch to conduct 500 amps of continuous current.
  2. Lighter Switch Body: The FR1046 switch’s main body is constructed from a corrosion resistant glass filled nylon material providing high impact protection. In total this switch weighs 0.84 pounds.
  3. Terminal Length: Similar to the FR1044, this switch provides silver plated terminals. However, the total length of these terminals are slightly longer, measuring to be 1.19 inches.
  4. Made In the USA:  This 500 amp continuous service switch is Made in the USA.

Shared Similarities:

The FR1044 and the FR1046 feature powerful benefits. The following are shared elements provided by both of these battery disconnect switches:

  • Rotary style handle used for turning the switch on and off.
  • IP65 water resistant rating.
  • Helps reduce battery drain.
  • Creates a vehicle theft deterrent.
  • Provides a decreased risk of electrical fire.
  • Can be used in compliance with OSHA lockout tag-out regulations.

Which One Should You Choose?

Your choice between the FR1044 and the FR1046 largely depends on your vehicle’s characteristics. If your vehicle features many electrical components that require a large current consumption, the 500 continuous amps provided by the FR1046 is most likely the best option. In extreme cold winter temperatures and applications with the longer cranking time the FR1046 would also be an improvement. 

Both switches excel at their primary function of preserving your battery's charge, ensuring it's always ready to power up your vehicle when you need it. Whichever you choose, you can trust Flaming River's reputation for quality and reliability.

Remember that proper installation and usage are essential to maximize the benefits of your chosen battery disconnect switch. Always refer to the switch’s installation instructions and always use terminal covers on a switch as it becomes a live part of your electrical system.  Also, consult with your Original Equipment Manufacturer to be sure a battery switch is appropriate for your application as well as the location for mounting. 

In the end, whether it's the FR1044 or the FR1046, you can drive with confidence knowing your truck is in good hands.

Switch Variations: LED Indicator

Flaming River also offers the FR1044LED and FR1046LED, which are battery disconnect switches with all the benefits mentioned above with the addition of an LED Indicator installed directly in the mounting bracket. With the LED illuminated design, the FR1044LED and FR1046LED offer easy visibility, ensuring swift operation even in dimly lit conditions. When these switches are engaged and turned into the “on” position, the LED provides a clear indication with a bright vibrant light.